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More than reading glasses. Interview lenses offer performance beyond near vision and are the perfect solution for patients who want clear reading and intermediate vision.

Wearer Benefits

  • Interview offers the benefit of a reading lens, combined with a mid-distance correction
  • Increased range of clear vision by up to 2m away.
  • Wider vision area for reading, cooking, computer and desk work, etc.
  • Sharp vision past reading distance
  • Natural look
  • Very easy adaptation


Wide and stable fields for near and intermediate vision with minimal aberration.

  • Aspheric design.
  • Automatic transition from near to intermediate vision thanks to 0.80D and 1.30D shifts.
  • Wearer’s posture and visual ergonomics have been taken into account so transfer from near to intermediate vision and back is more comfortable.
  • Soft design with no detectable peripheral distortion.

Interview Lenses - Clear near vision, clear around

Reading Lenses - Clear near vision, blurry around