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OSA Quadro

No Gap Progressive lens with Non-Adaptation Warranty

OSA Quadro™ Progressive lens design is optimised by addition in order to meet the specific needs of the wearer, in terms of quality and price. OSA Quadro™ offers Non-Adaptation Warranty with a comprehensive range of lenses.

Wearer Benefits

  • Accurate and controlled vision
  • Comfortable, efficient reading zones
  • Suitable for all daily activities


Digital surfacing is now available to everyone

The latest generation technology is no longer reserved to premium progressives and ensures performance at a reasonable price.

The use of digital surfacing enhances the extreme softness of the design, enabling wearers to enjoy sharp near and intermediate vision as they need it. Thanks to full back side digital surfacing, OSA Quadro offers accurate and controlled vision to its wearers.

Optimum near vision index

The combination of width and softness offers comfortable and efficient reading.

Good precision and easy access to near and intermediate vision

OSA Quadro offers comfortable vision fields and ease of wear its wearers.

Wide fields of vision

The progession corridor has been calculated to maintain comfortable far vision and to enlarge central vision zones in intermediate and near vision.

Enhanced softness of the design, enabling sharp near and intermediate vision

OSA Quadro offers flexibility to the wearers to use their glasses intermittently or as needed.