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Xperio Polarised Lenses


The best vision under the sun. Total protection. Total visual comfort.

Wearer Benefits

  • Glare elimination - Reflected glare elimination
  • Greater visual comfort - Wearing ordinary sunglasses under the sun may lead to eyestrain. Xperio™ polarised lenses block bothersome glare protecting the eyes and preventing from headaches.
  • Unmatched clarity of vision - The polarising film incorporated inside the lens blocks dazzling polarised light, so that the eye is no longer irritated and perceives even the smallest details (people, objects, road signage) with very good contrast and sharpness. Improved contrast sensitivity by 75% allowing wearers to experience the outdoors with increased clarity of vision, as opposed to ordinary tinted lenses(4)
  • 100% of UVA and UVB protection - All Xperio polarised lenses certify a 100% UVA / UVB protection. The sun’s rays are very harmful to the eyes, and can cause short term or long term damages (cataract, DMLA).
  • Truer colour perception - Reducing bright light and blocking bothersome glare, Xperio lenses -specifically gray and gray-green filters- restore the real colors of the environment. So that wearers can fully enjoy their outside activities.
  • Safety while driving - Drivers' reaction time is improved by 1/3 of a second. At 80 km/h it allows the wearer to stop their vehicle 7 metres sooner. It is the length of an intersection! (5)



Different sources or light can cause visual discomfort.

  • Direct bright sun light

    This occurs when the sun rays land close to your line of vision

    All category 3 and 4 sun lenses provide a good protection against bright light.

  • Glare from reflected light

    Some smooth and horizontal surfaces strongly reflect light (the ocean, roads or car windshields).

    Light vibrates in a horizontal plane: the eye is attacked by this blinding polarised light.

    These rays are not blocked by standard tinted lenses. ONLY by polarised lenses.


It is important to protect the eyes from harmful sun rays to avoid serious damage.

Some of them are reversible with an appropriate treatment: inflammations, cataracts...

Some others are irreversible: premature ocular ageing, age-related macular degeneration, pterygium, cancer of skin surround the eyes...


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Xperio is a registered trademark of Essilor International.

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